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There are many people who want to study, but they can’t. This condition is called DYSLEXIA. They mix ‘B’ & ‘D’ or ‘6’ & ‘9’. They mix the alphabet and that’s why they can’t study. More than 5% of the full population of the world are suffering from DYSLEXIA. So, there is a good chance that, 5–10% of students in a classroom are suffering from this. They can’t read and that’s why they can’t make a good result. Even teachers can’t realize it sometimes, and they just declare them as a calvish. But if you give him an audiobook or an illustrated book, they can read them easily.

But the problem is people don’t have much idea about this thing. So, even parents think that their son is a stupid. But a very little of awareness can change your son’s life. See, our study system still depended on books. There are a few practical research labs here. So, we all have to read books to achieve a good result. But as those special children can’t read, we have to think an alternative way. Thanks to advance technology we have so many sources like YouTube, Audiobook etc. providing these to our children can help them to grow like a normal person.

As most of the parents don’t have any idea about these types of disease, so we have to spread awareness to them. If they get a little more careful about their children, then there is a good chance that they can also make a good result. So, we have to make them aware so that they provide some necessary tools for their son that can be useful for their life as well. They will be able to race with the normal students. Otherwise, we may lose a diamond.



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