Skills you should learn to secure your future- part I

1- Blockchain

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.

A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain. Each block in the chain contains a number of transactions, and every time a new transaction occurs on the blockchain, a record of that transaction is added to every participant’s ledger. The decentralized database managed by multiple participants is known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Blockchain is a type of DLT in which transactions are recorded with an immutable cryptographic signature called a hash.

This means if one block in one chain was changed, it would be immediately apparent it had been tampered with. If hackers wanted to corrupt a blockchain system, they would have to change every block in the chain, across all the distributed versions of the chain.

Blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are constantly and continually growing as blocks are being added to the chain, which significantly adds to the security of the ledger.

The prevailing issue is trust. If someone creates a new currency called the X dollar, how can we trust that they won’t give themselves a million X dollars, or steal your X dollars for themselves?

Bitcoin was designed to solve this problem by using a specific type of database called a blockchain. Most normal databases, such as an SQL database, have someone in charge who can change the entries (e.g. giving themselves a million X dollars). Blockchain is different because nobody is in charge; it’s run by the people who use it. What’s more, bitcoins can’t be faked, hacked or double spent — so people that own this money can trust that it has some value.

Now if you want to become a blockchainer, you have got to work hard. This is not a platform where you would become successful in just a couple of months. You have got to work hard for around 4–5 years to establish a proper future.

2- Video editing

This is very basic compare to Blockchain. But its demand is getting higher and higher. And if you can do professional video editing, it may help you to earn more money than a graphics designer. Though, graphics design is also a demanding profession. But if we see the increasing demand of video editors we can say that this can protect your future. As we know, not more that 2% of companies using video to promote their product or industry. But in social media, videos getting more than 22 times more response compare to images or texts. This rate will increase day by day. This will influence more people and company to create video content to promote themselves. This will increase the demand of video editors too. So the insufficient supply of videos editors will increase the chance of a professional video editor to earn more money.

Now, if you want a serious level of earning then you have to think creatively. You can’t call yourself a professional video editor just by learning some color grading and cutting. You must have a sharp imagination to use proper elements to make a content as good as possible.

3- Cyber Security

The increasing amount of website means the demand of cyber security expert is increasing too. If you think about last 10 years, we are getting involve with digital world in a huge amount. Not only the number of website is increasing but also the number of threat and spam are increasing. To solve this threat and spam’s problem, the needs of cyber security expert will also increase. But the amount of cyber security expert is still insufficient. You can use this chance and earn lots of money.

4- VR Developer

A VR developer creates completely new digital environments that people can see through a device such as the Oculus headset, while an AR developer creates a layer of digital experience in our reality through the use of mobile apps, such as Pokemon Go, a game that utilizes this technology.

But to earn a huge amount of money require a huge amount of time as it is still developing. To earn money you have to spend more than at least 6–7 years to start a huge amount of money from this sector. If your plan is not that much long termed then you should definitely look for another profession. But if you are still young enough, and you have at least 10 years to build up a career, then you can choose VR Developer option as your career.

5- Website Expert

Website expert is the best profession to earn money right now. It’s estimated that over 1.7 billion websites exist, but this number fluctuates daily, as websites are launched or lost. Despite the ebb and flow, the Web is massive and 4.5 billion people across the world contribute with online interactions.

The most demanding types of website is E-commerce website. If you can professionally create an E-commerce website and develop it properly, you have a huge chance to get many works as the demand is huge.

If you want to earn from this sector then you have to start working on it right now. You have to learn everything about creating and maintaining a website if you want to become a successful website expert. Most common things you need to learn to build a proper website is HTML, CSS, JAVA, JavaScript, PYTHON etc. Nowadays, there are some software that can help you to build a proper website even if you have a very little knowledge about coding. So there is a big chance to earn money easily from it. But the race here is very tough. You have got to prove that you are an expert on it to get a work in online platform. You have to prepare yourself properly. Otherwise, you will fall apart.

6- Accounting

You can earn money from online by creating an Excel sheet that contains the monthly estimations. But in digital world accounting means creating any kinds of software or website that can be used for online payment or all the estimations of an E-commerce website. To do this you have to know how it works and how to create one. It is not that simple as several security layers has to input so that hackers can’t take the access of the software or website and steal all the money from us.

If you want to build a career in this sector then you have to work hard and learn everything from creating a secure payment method for secure payment to secure software that can be used as a database of all the payments. But it is wonderful choice as the increase of online sales is really high. And some E-commerce website is adding to this list every day.

7- Ecommerce/ Sales

No matter how develop the world is getting, household products will always be needed. And you can earn money from this sector by acquiring some tricks. If you are in an offline store then you must have the ability to explain about anything in an interesting way. If you know how to convince people then this can be your future. The process of buying and selling will never end. So there is a good chance to earn money and live a good life from it.

Now, if you own an online market then you have to make your website more attractive. The more quality product they will find in your website the more attract they will. Also, you have to give them some offer as there is no system of bargaining. There are several tricks to own a successful online store. If you want to know about it then please follow me. I will write a content about it as soon as possible.




Industry is the key to success

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Sheikh Sabbir

Sheikh Sabbir

Industry is the key to success

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