Relative Friendship

Friendship is a gift from God. If you can find a good friend, then the world will be heaven. On the other hand, a bad friend can destroy your life. So, we should try to find friend wisely. Now, there are some people complaining about not getting a good friend. Now, I will share with you the three most basic criteria where you shouldn’t make a friend or make a friend very wisely.

Number 1- Environmental Issue

It is very important to have a good environment so that you can live peacefully. Now if you don’t have a good environment around you then you can rarely find a good person. So, you may not be successful to make a good friend. In this situation, either you can make bad company and destroy your future or you can learn to live alone, so that you don’t need to get frustrated not to having a friend.

Number 2- Expecting too much from them

Suppose, you have a friend and you want him to do everything for you and bring everything you want. Did you ever have a friend like this? The common answer is no. So, what I am trying to say that you should not expect too much from you friend. You should give them respect to get respected by them. In the same way, you have to care for them to be cared by them. If you want your friend to call you everyday, then you should call him first.

Number 3- Understanding

Friendship is about bonding. If you can’t bond with your friend, then the friendship won’t last longer. So, you both have to have a good understanding. Now, good understanding doesn’t mean full understanding. Like, number 2, you can’t expect too much from them. Otherwise, friendship will destroy. If you want your friend to understand everything from you then you better ask yourself, do you understand him or not? Then the term ” Understanding” will be clear to you.




Industry is the key to success

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Sheikh Sabbir

Sheikh Sabbir

Industry is the key to success

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