Non-Violence Hack

Business is such a platform where we can interact with people as well as make money. To grow your business, you need good customers who will always buy goods from you. But they are not the only customer. If you start a business, then you’re going to meet a lot of people. Not all of them will love you.
You’re going to meet some people who will always appreciate you and your work. Also, they always buy goods from you. On the other hand, some people are going to be neural. They are not going to either hate you or appreciate you. They are going to buy goods from you as they need them. But if, somehow, others offer them a good price, then they are going to move to them. Now, the 3rd and last stanza. These people will always hate you. No matter what you do or how goodly you behave with them, they are never going to appreciate you.
In the first stanza’s people, come to your shop because they love you. They not only buy goods from you, but also recommend others to visit your shop. If you invest/offer them $10 then, they can give you $1000 in return.
On the other hand, neutral people will never feel regret for you. But you can still convince them. If you can spend $100 on them, they can give you $1000 in return. So obviously the thing is you have to pay 10x more on them to get the same result as the regular customers.
Now, let’s come to the 3rd stanza’s people. They never buy goods from you. No matter how good you are, they will never appreciate you. In fact, they will try to spoil your reputation.
So, now you want to know what is the hack, right? The hack is very simple. You always focus on the person who cares for you the most. If you give your regular customers good care, then this will help you grow your business as well as your reputation. Always give them a good offer so that they come again. Also, you can’t neglect the neutral person. You should also give them a good offer, not the best one, but still, you should always try to convince them. And always neglect the people who hate you. Never argue with them. Always avoid them.
In social media, you will also follow the same stanza. Some will love you, some will need you and the other some will hate you. What are you going to do is always appreciate them. Never neglect them. Always try to fulfil their wishes(Of course, maintaining your business strategy). For those who are not big fans, you can let them as they are. But if they ever need something, you should at least try. And for the people who hate you, my suggestion is to avoid them as much as possible. This is social media, so you don’t have to worry. You will have all the facilities to avoid them or block them if it’s too much.
You can use this method in your business too. If you find it helpful, please leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow me…




Industry is the key to success

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Sheikh Sabbir

Sheikh Sabbir

Industry is the key to success

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