Crazy psychological facts

1- You look at whom you love

While we are gossiping with friends, we look at the person we love. Similarly, the other person also looks at the person she loves.

2- Chew a bubble-gum under pressure

In most of the case, we remain under serious pressure while we are in a meeting or something like that. In such a situation, if you want to remain calm, then you can try to chew a bubble-gum. It tricks your brain and make you relax.

3- Think about a friend you met a few years ago will keep you calm in hard situation like in an interview

This is a smart idea to think of your friend you met a long time ago while attending in an interview. It helps you to remain calm in this situation. It also helps you to focus on the interview and answer the question without any nervousness.

4- Place a mirror behind you in your workplace

If you work in a super-shop or something like that, and you have to deal with rude people, then this is really a good idea to place a mirror behind you. Because, nobody wants to see their rude face in the mirror. So if they start to argue with you, they will see their evil face in the mirror and stop making bad face.

5- Yawn to make sure if someone looking at you

If you think someone is looking at you, then you can try to yawn. If he/she also yawn, then it means she/he was watching you. It is a very common fact that if someone sees you yawning, then he/she will also yawn.

6- First things first or first things last

Do your important work at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day. Because the first and last time of the day is the most refreshing time of a day. So if you do your important work early in the morning or evening then it helps you to focus on your work more and more. Lunchtime is not an ideal time to work because this time you remain tired compare to other time of the day.

7- Copy the person’s gesture to be trusted

If you want to be trusted by the person in front of you then try to copy his gesture. It will give his brain a signal that he might trust him.

8- Start conversation with a smile

If you start a conversation with a smile, then it means that you are interested in him/her. Following these tricks, you can be more friendly with him. It also helps you to earn his trust.

9- Always make a good first and last impression

A person doesn’t remember everything about you. In most of the cases, he/she will remember the first and last time you met him. So always create a good vibe in him about you. it will help you to stay in someone’s mind for a long time. Also, if you meet with him in the next time, you can start with the conversation of the last time if you can make a good last impression.

10- Asking too many questions doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you

Always remember, if you want to be a successful one then you have to have vast knowledge. So, if teachers ask you too many questions, then don’t get angry. Because there is a good chance that teachers were impressed by you. Now, all you have to do just prove yourself worthy.

11- How you would understand that whether she is interested in you or not

Look at the person’s eye. If his/her pupil is wider than normal, that means he is interested in you. On the other hand, if his/her pupil is normal then you better leave as he/she is not interested in you.

12- Call someone with their name to seek their attention

If you want to get noticed by someone, then you should call him with his/her name. It helps you to get in touch with him/her easily.

13- Put hand on his/her shoulder to earn his/her trust

It is a very common but powerful psychological trick. If you put hand on his shoulder, then it will help you to earn his trust. Now, if you can create a good conversation, then there is a good chance that you might have a good relation with him.

14- Never share your plan

It is a very important trick. If you want to succeed in life, you need a plan. If you want to succeed following this plan, then you better never share it with anyone. Because, when we share a plan with someone, our brain releases a hormone name dopamine, that cause us feel like we have already achieved our goal. So, we lose our interest in the particular plan and work. So, never share your plan, if you want to become successful.

15- Teach other to improve skills

If you learn something new, then it is very common that you will practice it to memorize. But if you can teach other the same lesson then it will be more effective and you can easily remember it even if you avoid to practice several times.




Industry is the key to success

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Sheikh Sabbir

Sheikh Sabbir

Industry is the key to success

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